Thursday, July 29, 2010

Angry in Arrid Arizona

Today marked a controversial decision in Arizona.  Those who entered this country illegally are in jeopardy of being rounded up and deported back to Mexico.  People of Hispanic descent are afraid in Arizona, they feel as if  they are being targeted and treated unfairly.  I am on the fence about this issue. Being someone of a minority  group, I don't support illegal immigration.  I believe all people should follow the law and become citizens legally.  If I tried to live in another country illegally,  I would not expect special treatment.  After all I would be breaking the law.  On the other hand, what is going to happen to all the children of the illegal immigrants who were born in this country?  They are citizens.  How will they be cared for if their parents are forced to go back to Mexico.  Who will care for them?  Will they end up in the child welfare system and we as citizens end up footing the bill in the end anyway.  I wonder, this is quite a query.  In the end the laws must be followed by everyone in this country.  If you break the law all people living here have consequences.  If you became a citizen you would be protected by the Bill of Rights.  Without citizenship, your rights or limited.  Actually, you don't have any rights.  But as I said before, what is going to happen to all the children of people who entered this country illegally?  Only time will tell.  My hair in Arizona is definitely going to be worn natural.  I would not want any law enforcement officer to racial profile me and mistake me for an illegal immigrant.  There is not going to be any question about my citizenship.

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