Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's get Ready for School

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Today I am going to the mall.  It's time to get Xavier prepared for school.  It's amazing what kids need these day to go back to school in style.  He's only 11, so what should he care. Actually, I want to be the one to make sure he's able to hang out with all the cool kids and get invited to all the cool parties and join all the cool sports. OK, it's time for me to get back to reality.  Xavier and I are in the mall and he wants to get some new clothes for school.

I take him to a popular chain store and he does not like any of the items in the store.  I am so upset.  How could he not like anything.  This is one of my favorite stores.  They have brand shoes, pants, shirts and jackets.  They even have the cool "Chucks" that all the kids his age are wearing.  He does not like anything.  I know this kid cannot be mine.  He must get his style genes from his dad.  We move on to the next store.  I am sure he is going to find something here.  This particuliar store has all the jeans, shirts and hoodies all the kids would ever need. 

Xavier tries on two pairs of jeans and a couple of hoodies.  He is satisfied and gives me the green light to make the purchase.  I am delighted that he has found two outfits to for his first tow days of school.  We head over to a popular shoe store to glance at some shoes.  Styles are always reoccuring.  I see boat shoes and Nikes that were all the rave when I was in high school. Xavier decides on a pair of green boat shoes.  GREEN, you have got to be kidding me.  Anyway, I purchase the shoes.  Hopefully he is going to be able to find a hoodie to match those shoes.

We leave the mall and Xavier wants to grab some pizza for lunch.  Kids are an adventure, but we all love them.  Maybe next week I will be able to persuade him to buy some dress slacks and dress shoes.  He definitely had my hair standing on end.
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